EMIS Intelligence

Delivers company and industry information, relevant proprietary content, reports, statistics, fundamental news, customised alerts, an advanced search engine, and analytics to help understand emerging markets more clearly. It is ideal for industry analysts, researchers and economists, as well as marketing and government intelligence. Choose EMIS Intelligence to gather rich company and industry information, analytics, textual content and personalisation.

  • Research and analysis
  • Relevant company data tear sheets
  • Industry statistics & forecasts
  • Flexible macroeconomic analysis
  • Quick company screener
  • Multi-language search engine
  • Customised dashboard
  • Customised alerts
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EMIS Professional

Offers all that EMIS Intelligence offers, plus much more, including more in-depth data such as proprietary M&A information, peer analysis, credit analytics, benchmark indicators, trend comparisons, and much more to investment bankers, credit analysts, risk managers, deals & acquisition managers and others in the industry seeking deep, rich information to improve you and your client’s business.

  • Peer analysis
  • Analytical workspace
  • Credit analytics
  • Compare trends
  • Advanced company screener
  • Benchmark indicators
  • DealWatch
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